Design Observation Preparation


This class gives you a series of drawing lessons for a skill to observe and describe objects on a paper. Specifically the class focuses on perspective drawing. Perspective drawing is a standard method of “how to draw three dimensional objects and space such as buildings and product designs on two dimensional plane.” You can roughly measure its sizes and its proportions of what you draw by learning perspective drawing.

Computer drawing has been so popular for the last two decades. And it is difficult to attract your clients by presenting your idea with only computer graphics. I have practiced my carrier in design and fine art field. And as long as I have experienced through my carrier, more the computer graphics become popular, a simple pencil drawing get bigger power to attract people.

I regards freehand drawing as a design language to observe and describe what you can not describe by text. The purpose of the class is to provide you a chance to get a skill of hand drawing so that you can use the design language.
In the first lecture, the class gives you a short lecture on the history of the perspective as well.





what to buy

what the lessons want you to aquire

what the lesson wants you to acquire

pencil drawings skill by learning the mechanism of perspective

what we exercise in the class

1.You make a cubic blocks for exercising spatial composition.

2.You make a composition with the blocks.

You draw it according to perspective while capturing relational sizes and proportions of cubes.

3.With the skill you draw objects, product, nature, and person.


1 幾何学的なブロックを作成+立体構成する。絵を描く構図をつくる。

2 上記立体構成を透視図を用いて描く。

3 上記透視図を習得する事で,立体的なものの寸法やプロポーションを把握しながら描画する事ができる.




You need to make 10 blocks. Refer to drawings about or download PDF in this page. You are going to compose a space by assembling these blocks. For drawing a good picture,  You have to think about balance of subject in your picture frame for that dyslexia contains special composition.