Photo booth

立体ハリウッドランプ Solid Hollywood Mirror​

1. だれでもブツ撮りできる撮影ブース / Professional Photo without Lighting Skills


影が一切落ちない/ No Shadow on Subjects


When it comes to promotional photography, it takes time to set up an environment that is shadow free.
If there is a light box that cast light on a subject from all corners and keeps rays from going into the lens of the camera, anyone can take a clean photograph without shadows.
Based on this idea, we started the “Solid Hollywood Mirror” project.
We were able to achieve the ideal light box by using crossed nicols.

2. 偏光板で空間をはさみこむ / A Pair of Polarizers Sandwiches the Space


Light source



Polarization means that the wave oscillations have a definite direction. Although, light waves originally vibrates in all kinds of directions, we can let light in a given direction by utilizing a polarizer.
In addition, blocking all lights is achievable when vertical and horizontal lights are cut off by using two linear polarizer.

3. 偏光板を用いた撮影台の仕組み / Mechanism of the PhotoBooth





Polarizer is used as a polarizing microscope for two-dimensional photography but for this project, we applied it for three-dimensional photography.



By passing though the polarizing filter, the lights which comes out from the led panel will only vibrate horizontally. After being reflected by the object, the lights will start vibrating in different planes again. Accordingly, set a vertical polarizing filter in front of the camera would block those horizontal-vibrating lights, leaving only the light reflected by the object being taken by photo, which makes it looks like self-illuminating in a black backgroun



In conventional photo booths, a white cloth is placed on the back of the booth to provide light from all directions to prevent shadows from appearing, but in this newly created booth, the object is self-illuminating against a black background, making it possible to take product shots that highlight the subject like never before.

4. プロセス/ Process

小型モックアップの作成 / Small mock-up


We first made a prototype to make sure if the polarizer works properly in a three-dimensional way.

大きさと材料の調整 / Size and Materials



Since we are using a shelf already made in Narukawa-Lab, we made sure the light table will fit perfectly and created an acrylic box to secure the polarizer.


固定具のスタディ / Fixture study




First, we made sure the size of the light tables, and started making a plastic box to set the LPL.




5. 撮影台で撮影された写真